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Case Study 02:
Redesigning 8tracks' Business Model
Case Study 02:
Redesigning 8tracks'
Business Model

In early 2017 it became apparent that 8tracks’ ad-supported model was no longer viable due to increasing royalty rates & decreasing actives. As a result I was tasked with redesigning the platform with our premium subscription at the center.

Previously 8tracks Plus was drastically under promoted, in fact most users didn’t even know it existed. So our team, consisting of our CEO, Product Marketing Manager, Product Architect, iOS Lead, & myself huddled together to identify every opportunity to push Plus. I developed this user flow outlining the awareness play.

An analysis of our unit economics revealed that the service would essentially need to be become pay to play. So we did extensive user research on ideal price points & listening limit for the shift.

To increase awareness we placed omnipresent upgrade CTAs on our navigation bar & home page. Then to remove friction we designed a lightweight checkout flow that lived in a lightbox, making the purchase experience less disjointed.

We also designed a dedicated Plus landing page for anyone who needed more information, accessible via a Learn More CTA in our lightbox checkout. You can visit that page here.

In the course of a year our efforts added over
24,000 subscribers

Case Study 01:
8tracks' FTUX
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